Implementation of statistics

The following refers to procedures AFTER agreement between CMB and the projects concerning how projects should proceed with respect to project design and statistical analyses.

Implementation of statistical results analysis.

(a)        The prior remit of CMB is analysis of project design, and CMB will be constructed to make this as efficient and effective as possible. Analysis of project design will involve, in addition to research into particular projects at initial stages, research into clinical and experimental design, the construction of web tools for guidance with project design, and decision-making procedures to allow optimal design. Inevitably, this means that the further process of implementation of statistical analysis of results is, necessarily, a separate matter, and use of a wider Statistician Net will be necessary to fulfil this role. Note that on this page “statistician” refers to any person trained as a statistician, scientist or doctor, or other suitable person, who has a demonstrable knowledge of how to implement statistics.

(b)       The project must designate a “statistician” at the design phase, who will implement the statistics and indicate costs designated for this purpose. The designated statistician will be registered with CMB as part of a wide Statistician Net. CMB members will help in the process of finding a statistician.

(c)       The designated statistician must cooperate with CMB in providing information concerning techniques used, if required. The aim of CMB is to provide support for the implementation and final agreement that the statistics will be carried out to optimal scientific standards.

(d)        After completion of the statistical implementation, the designated statistician will provide a text version to CMB of the techniques used, for registration and agreement that optimal design has been used.

(e)        CMB can demand re-analysis if necessary.

(f)        A copy of the first submitted manuscript must be sent to CMB – for record purposes only.

Implementation of clinical or experimental studies.

(a) Projects must indicate to CMB if there are major changes to the agreed clinical or experimental design, which occur after consultation and agreement with CMB.

(b) Projects must justify why these changes were made.